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CCCPA Hosts Regional Workshop on Combating Terrorism and Extremist Ideologies in West Africa
06 April 2016

Cairo, Egypt - CCCPA hosted a workshop on “Empowering Local Communities in Nigeria and West Africa to Combat Terrorism and Extremist Ideologies Leading to it” on 21-22 March 2016. The workshop comes within the context of CCCPA’s project on “Countering Terrorism and Extremist Ideologies Leading to It in Africa”. The project aims to increase the resilience of local communities in Somalia and Nigeria, and to empower local leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills to detect, interrupt and prevent radicalization and recruitment to extremist ideologies leading to terrorism.

The workshop brought together a select group of academics and experts on Boko Haram and extremism in Nigeria and West Africa. Through facilitator-led discussions, the workshop addressed and analyzed issues related to extremism in Nigeria, and the sociopolitical and economic circumstances that drive Nigerian youth to join Boko Haram. It took an extensive look at the ideology, narratives and recruitment methods of the terrorist organization. The workshop also focused on areas in which local community actors in Northeast Nigeria can play a role in preventing radicalization and recruitment of youth.

Ambassador Mohamed Idriss, Assistant Foreign Minister for African Affairs delivered the opening speech. He emphasized the need to counter extremist ideologies that lead to the radicalization and recruitment of youth in Africa. He also highlighted Egypt’s efforts on the international and continental levels in combating terrorism and countering extremist ideologies by spreading a moderate understanding of Islam.

The outcome of this workshop will directly contribute to the development of CCCPA’s training manual on “Countering Terrorism and Extremist Ideologies Leading to It in Africa”, which will be used to train local community actors and influencers on the continent.

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