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CCCPA Conducts Training on Gender in Peacekeeping and Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
29 September 2016

Cairo, Egypt - CCCPA delivered its first training course on 'Gender in Peacekeeping and Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse' from 25 to 29 September 2016.
This advanced five-day training course targeted 20 military officers who will be deployed to UN peacekeeping missions in the near future. The course was developed by CCCPA with the aim of enhancing participants' understanding of the particularities of sexual exploitation and abuse in the context of peacekeeping, and further promoting gender-sensitive approaches in peacekeeping. The training covered the international policy framework on women, peace and security, the protection of civilians, rules of engagement, and UN standards on the prohibition of sexual exploitation and abuse.
A distinctive feature of this training is its focus on practical exercises. The training is scenario-based and participants were given the chance to interact with the subject matter in a simulated environment. Specifically, participants were asked to act out three scenarios related to sexual exploitation and abuse, conflict related gender based violence, and ensuring women's participation in elections.

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