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First Regional UNMUM Seminar in Africa and the Arab World
30 November 2016

Cairo, Egypt - CCCPA, in partnership with the United Nations (UN) Office of Military Affairs (OMA), hosted the first African-Arab United Nations Military Units Manuals (UNMUM) Seminar in Cairo on 29-30 November 2016.  The Seminar aimed to support UN Member States in their efforts to improve the operational readiness of their peacekeepers, by promoting a greater understanding of the various standards and guidelines recently developed by OMA, including 11 UNMUM. The Seminar also aimed to assist in developing a shared understanding of new initiatives by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations/Department of Field Support, intended to improve performance of military peacekeepers. This will ultimately ensure that member states use the newly developed documents appropriately while planning, shaping, preparing, equipping and deploying military contributions for peacekeeping missions.

The event brought together over 50 African and Arab officials, Joint Staff and Training and Force Generation Staff and representatives of Peacekeeping Centers (including IAPTC and APSTA) from 28 countries.

The Seminar introduced the 11 military manuals and shed light on some important issues like the protection of civilians and leadership; the Egyptian contribution to UN peacekeeping missions and challenges facing peacekeeping in the Arab World and Africa; the use of force in peacekeeping missions; the Peacekeeping Capabilities Readiness System (PCRS); and development of standardized training materials (STM).

In his opening remarks, Counselor Ashraf Swelam, CCCPA Director, highlighted the importance of this seminar as a follow-up activity to the UNMUM project, given that the majority of UN peacekeeping missions are today deployed in Africa and the Arab World. He stressed that the outcomes of the Seminar will have a significant impact in supporting African and Arab Member States to improve the readiness and performance of their peacekeepers.

Ambassador Hesham Badr, Assistant Foreign Minister for Multilateral Affairs and International Security, delivered the opening remarks on behalf of the Government of Egypt. Badr emphasized Egypt’s contribution to doctrinal and policy debates in the field of peacekeeping, stating that “Egypt has been and continues to be a top contributor to peacekeeping operations around the world.” 

Major General Osama Abdelaziz, Chief of Liaison Agency with International Organizations, Egyptian Ministry of Defense, highlighted Egypt’s commitment to peace and security. 

Delegate Minister Kenichirou Mukai delivered a speech on behalf of the Ambassador of Japan to Egypt. He stressed the involvement of the Japanese government in capacity building activities related to peacekeeping in Africa. He noted that Japan would continue to support the efforts of African Peacekeeping centers of excellence, including CCCPA - one of the leading African training centers in peacekeeping. 

Captain (Navy) Hervé Auffret, Officer in Charge Chief of Staff, OMA, delivered the opening remarks on behalf of the UN, wherein he highlighted the importance of these high level conferences that allow a renewed dialogue between Member States and the Secretariat on generating the needed capabilities for peacekeeping.

The Seminar was organized under the current CCCPA project “Consolidating Peace, Security and Stability in Africa”, financed by the Government of Japan, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). 

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