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Training on Conflict Resolution and Mediation
30 March 2017

Cairo, Egypt – CCCPA organized its first foundational course on “Conflict Resolution and Mediation” from 26 – 30 March 2017. 

The course was developed by CCCPA, with the aim of improving the capacities of African diplomats and officials on the design of mediation processes, and enhancing their mediation and negotiation skills. It covers concepts related to conflict and peacemaking; conflict resolution tools - with a focus on mediation; the phases of mediation design - including planning, strategy development and operational support; and negotiation strategies and techniques in mediation.
As a simulation-based training, participants were able to apply theoretical components of mediation design such as mediation strategy, inclusivity and coordination. Participants also had the chance to practice negotiation concepts as such best-alternative to negotiated agreement (BATNA) and the zone of possible agreement (ZOPA).

Twenty-one diplomats, researchers and military officers joined the five-day training. Countries represented were Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Ghana, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Sudan and Algeria, Uganda and Nigeria.

The training comes as part of the current UNDP project funded by the Government of Japan, “Consolidating Peace, Security and Stability in Africa – 2016”.

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