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High-Level Dinner in Honor of UN Assistant Secretary-General Dmitry Titov
23 January 2017

Cairo, Egypt - CCCPA hosted a high-level dinner in honor of H.E. Dmitry Titov, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Rule of Law and Security Institutions, on the occasion of his two-day visit to Cairo (22-23 January 2017). The dinner brought together high-level officials and members of the diplomatic community in Cairo, as well as representatives from the UNDP, the World Bank and the Ford Foundation. 

Mr. Titov delivered a keynote speech titled “Peace Operations: A Strategic turn”, addressing the evolution of UN peace operations over time and the extremely dangerous, complicated and multidimensional dynamics they face today. To address these challenges, Mr. Titov suggested that the UN rebalance its approach to international peace and security. He highlighted eight strategic turns to readjust the conduct of UN peace operations namely, (1) restoring political primacy of UN peacekeeping missions; (2) reaffirming the responsibilities of all parties in the process of nation-building; (3) the importance of affirming leadership and management over political processes; (4) the importance of leveraging common objectives of the UN and regional players; (5) the importance of developing a professional, in-depth, unbiased and comprehensive planning and analysis; (6) complementing peace stabilizing and consolidation plans with political strategies; (7) closing the gap between the Security Council and troop contributors; and (8) radically improving the selection of mission leaders.   

CCCPA Director Counselor Ashraf Swelam highlighted that Mr. Titov’s visit comes in recognition of Egypt’s important contribution to UN peacekeeping - particularly as one of the top troop-and police-contributing countries - and the prominent role that the Center plays in the field of training and capacity building. Swelam praised the existing cooperation between CCCPA and the Egyptian Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense and Interior. He also acknowledged the successful partnership between CCCPA and the Government of Japan, UNDP, the Ford Foundation, and other partners.

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