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CCCPA Participates in the Review of Integrated DDR Standards
05 February 2019

Stockholm, Sweden - For thirty years, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) has been an important tool in preventing the relapse to conflict and paving a pathway for conflict-ridden societies to consolidate their hardly won peace gains. All current DDR efforts are informed by the Integrated DDR Standards (IDDRS). 
Developed in 2006, the IDDRS are a series of user-friendly policies, guidelines and procedures compiled over the years since the very first DDR program took place in Central America in 1989. The IDDRS distill the lessons learned from this accumulated experience in the design, management and implementation of DDR programs. Twelve years later, however, and mindful of the ever-evolving nature of conflict, a review of the IDDRS has become necessary. 
Acting in its capacity as the Co-Chair of the Integrated Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Group (IDDRTG) (Integrated DDR Training Group), CCCPA took part in a workshop organized by the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) from 27-30 November 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden to discuss the new and revised IDDRS. The workshop brought together 14 members of the UN Inter-Agency Working Group (IAWG) on DDR, as well as non-IAWG partners and friends, including the African Union and the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC). The workshop aimed to revise and update existing IDDRS guidance, including the main module on the “UN Approach to DDR”; policy-focused modules such as DDR Program Design and Monitoring and Evaluation of DDR; and programmatic modules dealing with technical issues such as disarmament, demobilization and the UN police and military roles and responsibilities in DDR programs. New modules were also developed, including one dealing with issues such as the political dimensions of DDR, reintegration as part of the sustaining peace approach, DDR and transnational organized crime, and community violence reduction. The updated standards are expected to be released in October 2019. 
During the workshop, CCCPA co-led a session on the way forward. A mapping of existing and future trainings from training centers was presented. In addition, key issues were discussed, including the need for harmonization between the IDDRS and the African Union Operational Guidance Notes on DDR. Participants also highlighted the need to enhance communication between the IAWG and the IDDRTG, while maintaining the independence of the two groups.

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