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CCCPA Participates in the Annual Meeting of the African Union’s Civilian Strategic Support Group
21 October 2018

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - CCCPA took part in the Annual Meeting of the Civilian Strategic Support Group (CSSG), organized by the African Union Commission (AUC) from 17-18 October 2018. The theme of this year’s meeting was “Strengthening the Coordination between the AU, RECs/RMs and Missions for the Enhancement of the Civilian Component of the ASF and AU PSOs”. 
The meeting brought together participants and experts from the African Union Commission (AUC), the Regional Economic Communities (RECs), Training Centres of Excellence (TCEs), the United Nations (UN), AU missions such as the one in Somalia and the Multinational Joint Task Force, Peace Support Operations Division (PSOD), and research institutes. It aimed at strengthening cooperation between the AU and the RECs/RMs on enhancing operational effectiveness of the civilian component in the African Union Peace Support Operations (AU PSO).
Participants discussed cooperation between the RECs/RMs and the TCEs, while exchanging experiences and best practices on the current mechanisms to deploy and employ civilians in PSOs. Furthermore, participants generated recommendations on how to address some of the challenges related to the civilian component faced by the AU.
The CSSG was established as a coordination structure to enhance the operational effectiveness of the civilian component in the AU PSO. It seeks to promote a common understanding of the relevance, roles, functions and responsibilities of civilian personnel in AU missions. It also serves as a coordination platform for the continental, as well as regional planning elements and training centers.
CCCPA is an AU Training Center of Excellence, mandated to the training of the North African Regional Capability (NARC), as part of the African Standby Forces (ASF).

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