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Foundational Courses Held for the League of Arab States (LAS)
28 September 2017

Cairo, Egypt - The Cairo Center organized two foundational training courses for LAS in August 2017. The "Analytical Techniques"  was held from 7-10 August while the Report Writing and Briefing Techniques" took place from 20-23 August.  The courses were developed by CCCPA and come as part of the European Union-UNDP project to strengthen the capacities of the LAS Secretariat and its Member States on early warning and response to crises in the Arab world.
The Analytical Techniques course aims to develop participants' knowledge and skills on different types of thinking, early warning indicators, and the usage and limitations of analytical tools and techniques. Adopting a learning-by-doing approach, the training provides an opportunity for participants to apply various analytical tools and techniques on a case study, such as chronologies & timelines, conflict mapping, role-storming, conflict tree, outside-in thinking, and issue redefinition. Using the future wheel technique, participants use their analysis to identify potential consequences of a change, and formulated policy options accordingly.
The Report Writing course aims to develop participants' reporting skills and knowledge of effective writing. The training covers the principles of professional writing, diplomatic writing, press releases, concept notes, as well as the foundations of analytical writing. Guided by specific instructions, participants evaluat various report samples, including analytical reports, concepts notes and press releases to identify the quality in terms of writing, content, structure and organization. 
The trainings together gathered more than 50  LAS diplomats, researchers, trainers, writers, analaysts and other LAS employees, representing Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Sudan, Egypt, Algeria Bahrain and Lebanon. Participating departments included Crisis Management, Civil Society Organisations, Economic Relations, Financial Control, International Organisations, Media and Communication, Population and Demographic, Training and Development Working Methods Research Department, International Organizations, Legal Affairs, European Affairs, Palestine and Occupied Territory, Horn of Africa & Sudan, Financial and Administrative Affairs, Economic Relations, as well as the Disarmament and Arms Control Department.

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