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Pre-Deployment Training for Egyptian Troops Joining UNAMID
18 August 2019

Cairo, Egypt – CCCPA is organizing a Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) course from 18-26 August 2019, for 110 Egyptian peacekeepers joining the United Nations-African Union Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID). The aim of the PDT is to train and prepare peacekeepers before their deployment to the mission area. The training is a collaboration between CCCPA and the Egyptian Ministry of Defense, in accordance with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1769 in 2007. To date, Egypt’s total peacekeeping contribution to UNAMID is 424 peacekeepers.

The training starts off with a context-specific presentation on the nature of conflict in the respective country. The curriculum utilized in the training is based on the Core Pre- Deployment Training Material (CPTM), including UN peacekeeping principles, international humanitarian law and human rights, the rules of engagement, protection of civilians, the role of gender and women in peacekeeping, and preventing sexual exploitation and abuse.

According to the Security Council Resolution 2148 in 2014, the UNAMID mandate includes protecting civilians without prejudicing with the government’s responsibility, facilitating humanitarian assistance and ensuring the safety of human personnel, assisting in the mediation process between the Government of Sudan and non-signatory armed movements (based on the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur), and addressing the root causes of the conflict.

Pre-deployment trainings come under the current CCCPA project "Consolidating Peace, Security and Stability in Africa--V (2019-2020)”. The project is financed by the Government of Japan in partnership with UNDP.

Photo Credit: Flickr - UNAMID 

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