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CCCPA Hosts the IAPTC Virtual Seminar Titled “Overcoming Training Challenges in the COVID Era – Critical Gaps, Best Practices and Hybrid Approaches”
09 November 2021 - 10 November 2021

Acting in its capacity as the Secretariat of the International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC), CCCPA hosted the IAPTC virtual seminar titled "Overcoming Training Challenges in the COVID Era – Critical Gaps, Best Practices, and Hybrid Approaches" on 9-10 November 2021.

The virtual seminar examined the major needs related to peacekeeping training and capacity building in light of the current challenges posed by the pandemic, including the use of technology and new methodological tools. Additionally, it strived to sustain the engagement among the IAPTC community as the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented the association from convening its in-person annual conference.

The seminar discussed various themes such as training partnerships, e-learning in peace operations, health protection for peacekeepers, mission leadership preparation, women’s role in peace operations, environmental protection, and effective strategic communications in peace operations. Deliberations also delved into the guidelines and conduct of training under COVID-19 conditions with perspectives from the UN, as well as different training centers.

Participants discussed the ongoing notable challenges and gaps in peace operations’ training in the COVID-19 era, while offering rich and thought-provoking insights from strategic, operational and tactical levels. The two-day seminar witnessed the participation of representatives from training and research centers, departments of peace support operations at the UN and other regional organizations, agencies, and programs dealing with peace operations. 

IAPTC President Dr. Manuel Mesones Castelo, Vice-defense Minister of Peru, stated that the event reflects the Association’s commitment to its core objectives, including contributing to more effective peace operations, as well as facilitating communication and exchange of information among stakeholders involved in peacekeeping.

Head of the IAPTC Secretariat Ambassador Ahmed Abdel-Latif, CCCPA’s Director-General, stressed on the importance of bringing together different stakeholders involved in training for peacekeeping operations in the context of strengthening partnerships. He added that increasing training effectiveness is a key component of the Action for Peacekeeping (A4P) and A4P+ initiatives, as well as the Cairo Roadmap on Enhancing the Performance of Peacekeeping Operations.

On his part, Brig. General Muhammad Wasim-ul-Haq, Acting Commandant of the Bangladesh Institute of Peace Support Operation Training, stated that the Institute looks forward to hosting the 26th annual conference next year. 

Established in 1995, IAPTC is an open and voluntary association of centers, institutions, agencies and programs dealing with peace operations research, education, and training. CCCPA has been the Secretariat since January 2017.

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