Research and Publications
Women's Leadership in Preventing Conflict and Sustaining Peace
February 2021
Mainstreaming Migration in National Development Policies in the Sahel and Sahara Region
February 2021
Evolving Dynamics and Future Implications
January 2019
“The Future of the U.N. Peace & Security Architecture: A Continuum of Response through Different Stages of Conflict”
May 2016
Arab Perspectives on The Future of the UN Peace and Security Architecture: Towards a Timely, Collective and Effective Response
March 2016
Regional Aspects of Peacebuilding: Identifying Gaps, Challenges and Opportunities
December 2014
الجوانب الإقليمية لبناء السلام: تحديد الثغرات والتحديات والفرص المتاحة
December 2014

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